Frequently Asked Questions

How does the home get advertised?

The house gets listed on the internet on many rental sites including but not limited to Zillow, Trulia and apartment hunters. A sign is placed in the yard and I frequently get referrals from past and present tenants. UBG also has roughly 200 real estate agents who will often call directly to see what we may have available when they have a rental client.

How are potential tenants screened to see if they will qualify?

Potential tenants are pre-screened verbally as to income, credit, and evictions before they even see the home. There is no sense wasting everyone’s time if they do not meet the minimum requirements. Then when they apply they complete an application and submit it along with proof of income and ID. Credit reports along with criminal and eviction history are collected to see if the applicants qualify. Arizona and Federal Fair housing laws are strictly adhered to in the application selection process.

What are your qualifications?

  • Licensed Real Estate Agent in the state of Arizona.

  • Earned the designation of Certified Residential Property Management from the Arizona Association of Realtors in 2017.

  • Education coordinator for the local chapter of the National Association of Residential Property Managers since 2014.

  • Landlord since 2004

How and when do I get paid?

We send out rent payments electronically by the 15th of each month along with monthly financial reports.

Do I have to pay bills when repairs are made?

No, we will pay most bills out of your incoming rents. If the bills exceed the rent amount you can pay the contractor directly or make a contribution to your account so that your accounting is up to date with all expenses included in one place.

Once a tenant is placed in the house, is the house inspected? 

Yes, the house is inspected at the end of the lease term. If both the tenant and landlord agree to re-lease the home a walk through will be done by the Property Manager prior to the extension of the lease.

What happens if the tenant doesn't pay rent?

Rent is due on the first of the month and late on the fifth after 5:00pm. On the next business day an eviction notice is sent to the tenant by certified mail. If the rent is not paid within the period of time permitted then the documentation is sent to the lawyer to proceed with a court eviction.

How long does an eviction take?

In Arizona, an eviction can be completed in 3-4 weeks.

Who holds the security deposit?

The security deposit funds are held in the UBG broker trust account until the final move out inspection has been completed, all repairs have been assessed, costs estimated and/or work completed. Per Arizona law, the tenant will get an accounting of the disposition of their security deposit within 14 business days of turning in keys.

Do I have to accept pets?

Pets are not a protected class so no you do not have to accept pets however if an applicant has a service animal or a documented emotional support animal and they qualify their application will be accepted.

Can I charge a fee for a service animal or an emotional support animal?

No, the law does not view them as pets or animals, therefore, no additional fee can be charged.



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