Hello! I’m Tucker Swann, a native of the Valley and an Arizona lover through and through. I have made this desert paradise my home and I would love to help you make it your home too!

Growing up I played baseball all over town, from Gilbert to Goodyear. Throughout those years I learned the value of having a strong work ethic, persevering in the face of doubt, and striving to achieve both team-centered and personal goals. Baseball taught me that practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect. I believe that working hard in every season and making sure to take the right approach every time is what will make us successful.

I am also a people-person to the core. There’s nothing I love more than getting to know someone over a cup of coffee or lunch and developing a genuine relationship. I spent a couple years slingin’ coffee at your local Starbucks, and while I loved all facets of that job, far and away my favorite part was getting to know my customers. I developed some real friendships, however I still felt like the counter that separated us was a barrier I wanted to break down. So I got into real estate!

The combination of my passion for achievement and my love for human connection is what will make us such a great team! And whether you’re buying or selling, I’ve got the will and the skill to get the job done.


Tucker Swann

Making It Simple. Doing it Right.


"I first contacted Tucker during the fall of 2018 inquiring about purchasing a home in the coming months / year. Although I was hesitant and indecisive on my timeline, my wife and I were treated as if we were the most important clients they had. Tucker was extremely responsive, and understood exactly what we were looking for in a potential new home. They set proper expectations for our working relationship, and followed through on every promise they made."

"Because of Tucker’s great negotiation skills, our home appraised for $15k more than our purchase price! We were thrilled to have equity in the home initially, to start off on the right foot. Besides the numbers, we were able to close quickly, and be well informed of everything that was going on throughout our home buying process. Tucker and Jordan coordinated all of our appointments, inspections, repairs, and even a thorough home cleaning before we moved into our new home. They surprised us with some very thoughtful gifts, and overall made us feel right at home."

"Having used other realtors in the past, I would definitely recommend Tucker and Jordan to anyone looking to buy, or sell a home. Give them a call!"